Vermont – A Weekend in Burlington

The Green Mountain State

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Brewster River Gorge, Vermont

After having a taste of Colorado’s colors, we were eager to take on another state known for its Autumn bliss. Is there really a place more famous for its fall wonders than Vermont? Land of endless maple syrup, moose, forests, and foliage? Not in our book.

Day 1 Highlights:

Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Vermont

We started off our first day in Vermont like anyone in their right mind would – by heading to the local Cedar Mill and stuffing our faces with fresh donuts and cider.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill is a hard recommend if you’re in the Burlington Area! They’ve got a country-store filled with all the Fall items your East-Coast heart could desire. Plus, the make donuts and cider fresh, in house! Pro tip: head to the back of the shop to see how they make their Cider!

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Burlington, Vermont

Next up, on our quest to find Vermont’s liquid gold, we visited the Bixby Hill Sugar House, co-owned by Vermont native Joe Jordan. Joe gave us a tour of his Sugar House and showed us all the operations behind making Maple Syrup! A sweet experience topped off by even sweeter prices. There’s just no beating that.

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Silver Lake State Park, Vermont

After a long day of driving in and around Vermont, we landed, quite accidentally, by this lovely lake not far from Burlington. We drove past it at sunset and knew we’d have to hop off just to take it in. A spectacular view to top our first day in this magical state.

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Burlington, Vermont

Day 2 Highlights:

Our first morning in Vermont greeted us with vibrant Fall colors, right outside our window. Eager to get outside, we drove up to a local farm, Chapin Orchard and grabbed some breakfast. Donuts and Apple Cider – you guessed it!

Chapin Orchard, Vermont

$0.49 a pound? A steal! Shame our carry-ons were already stuffed to the brim with jugs of Maple Syrup…Or else we would’ve walked away with a sac full of these beauties. Wandering through Chapin Orchard early morning was the perfect start to the day. Truth is, few things are better than disconnecting from work, emails, and all the craziness of your daily life – especially on a Monday morning. And when you pair that with a loved one and some story-telling over warm, apple cider…well…it doesn’t get much better than that.

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Ben and Jerry’s Factory, Vermont

Next, we headed straight for the Ben and Jerry’s Factory – a Vermont staple! A 30 minute tour took us through the ins and outs of the factory, revealing all the sugary goodness (and its plenty) that goes into each pint of Ben and Jerry’s…*gulp*. Naturally, we couldn’t leave empty handed. We picked up a pint of our our favorite flavor: Milk and Cookies. Something about eating ice cream by the pint just makes it all the better.

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Brewster River Gorge, Vermont

Our last stop before heading back to Burlington landed us at the Brewster River Gorge. This scenic little creek and its many wooden bridges were just begging to be explored, can’t ya tell? Peep the big smile – this was shot at the height of our sugary high.

Day 3 Highlights:

Our last “hurrah” before heading to the airport landed us at Shelburne Farms. Shoutout to Marica & Steven for the recommendation! These beautiful farms, nestled right on the shores of Lake Champlain feature a charming and rustic Inn with divine food and views. Sometimes, you’ve got to trade the burger & fries in for something a bit more…fancy. And if you’re in the Burlington area, Shelburne Farms hits the spot.

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The Inn at Shelburne Farms, Vermont

We even got to meet some Vermont locals on the farm. Check it! This friendly cow was particularly keen on pats and kept coming’ back for some more. Proof that Vermonters are kind folks that love to welcome newcomers.

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Cow and Woman, The Inn at Shelburne Farms, Vermont

Thanks for the (moo)mories Vermont…catch ya next time!

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